2K Polyurethane Systems


Elastomeric Polyurethane RIM Systems

Bayflex is a specially developed family of polyurethane elastic systems that has made an impact in many fields of application because of its excellent range of properties. Its solid variants have high impact resistance and flexibility, even in extremely cold environments. Integral-skin foam systems are used mainly for comfort or for safety purposes on account of their excellent cushioning properties.

Key Features

Bayflex systems can be customized for very specific applications, providing particular advantages:

• Enormous versatility owing to individually adjustable properties
• Accurate reproduction of surface details
• Combinability with other materials
• Design freedom

Recommended Applications

Reaction injection molding (RIM) applications for:
• Automobile fascias
• Agricultural and construction equipment
• Specialty transportation
• Recreational equipment
• Rollers
• Gaskets
• Encapsulated windows
• Marine
• Heavy duty trucks