• Irgafos - Phosphite Antioxidants and Process Stabilizers
  • Irganox - Sterically Hindered Phenolic and Thioether Antioxidants
  • Orasol - Metal Complex Dyes Soluble in Organic Solvents
  • Alsibronz - Potassium Aluminum Silicate Effect Pigments With A Very High Aspect Ratio
  • Black Olive - Black Mica-Based Effect Pigment With Champagne Undertones
  • Firemist - Borosilicate-Based Pigments With High Visual Effects
  • Glacier - Pearlescent Pigments Based on Titanium Dioxide Coated Synthetic Mica
  • Graphitan - Effect Pigment Based On Graphite Flakes
  • Lumina - Mica-Based Effect Pigments
  • Magnapearl - Pearlescent Pigments Based On Titanium Dioxide Coated Mica
  • Mearlin - Pearlescent Pigments Based On Mica Platelets Coated With Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide
  • Mearlite - Luster Effect Pigments Based On Bismuth Oxychloride Which Impart a Wide Range Of Optical Effects
  • Metasheen - Metallic Effect Pigments Based on Vacuum-Metalized Aluminum Product Details
  • Paliocrom - Effect Pigments Based On Iron-Oxide Coated Aluminum Flakes
  • Xymara - Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigments
  • Flamestab - Flame Retardant UV Stabilizer for Polyolefin
  • Melapur - Halogen Free Melamine Based Flame Retardants
  • Meteor - Black and Brown Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments
  • Sicopal - Inorganic Bismuth Vanadate (Lead and Chromate Free) and Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments
  • Sicotan - Yellow and Brown Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments
  • Sicotrans - Transparent Iron Oxide Red & Yellow Pigments
  • Chimassorb, Irgastab, Tinuvin, and Uvinul - UV Absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers - Benzophonone UVA, Benzotriazole UVA, Triazine UVA, Lignin Stabilizer HALS, N-H HALS, N-OR HALS, and N-Alkyl HALS
  • Tinopal - Benzoxazole Based Fluorescent Optical Brighteners
  • Cinquasia - Quinacridone Pigments With Shades Ranging From Reds To Violets
  • Cromophtal - Range of Organic Pigments From Various Chemical Compositions (Azo-Condensation, Azo-Coupling, Benzimidazolone, Dioxazine, and Pteridine) With Very Good Fastness To Light, Heat, Solvents and Chemicals
  • Heliogen - Phthalocyanine Blue and Green Pigments With Extremely Good Fastness and Weatherability Properties
  • Irgalite - Range of Organic Pigments From Various Chemical Compositions: Dianisidine, Diarylides, BONA, Azo (2B-, 4B-toner), Lake Red C, Mono Azo
  • Irgazin - Range of Organic Pigments From Various Chemical Compositions: DPP, Isoindolinone, and Azomethine Cu-complex
  • Lumogen - Perylene
  • Paliogen - Range of Organic Pigments From Various Chemical Compositions (Indanthrone, Perylene, Anthraquinone) With A High Level of Fastness
  • Paliotol - Range of Organic Yellow and Orange Pigments From Various Chemical Compositions (Quinophthalone, Isoindoline, Ni-complex, Azo salts)
  • Synergy - Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Pigments
  • Microlith - Ultra Fine Particle Size Solid Pigment Preparations
  • Oracet - Polymer Soluble Concentrates Mainly For Plastics
  • Sicoflush - Liquid Preparations Based on Organic and Inorganic Pigments
  • Xfast - Solid Stir-In Pigment Preparations
  • Joncryl ADR - Chain Extenders for Plastics