Jan Dekker

Blackcurrant Oil RBD

INCI Name: Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Oil

Blackcurrant Oil RBD is a valuable oil extracted from the Ribes nigrum. This oil is highly appreciated for its relatively high content of alpha- and gamma-linolenic acid. Moreover, it is one of the few oils which contains the desired omega-3 fatty acid stearidonic acid (C18:4n3). Stearidonic acid is the metabolite of alpha-linolenic acid, after a desaturation.

This saturation is usually the rate-limiting step, and therefore supplying stearidonic acid instead of alpha-linolenic acid is more advantageous, especially when this desaturation is impaired because of ageing or stress.

Key Features

  • Halal certification Blackcurrant Oil RBD is Halal certified

Recommended Applications

  • Skin Care