Sensational Beauty

An ASMR Experience

Sensational Beauty, an IMCD ASMR Experience

IMCD Beauty & Personal Care is happy to present Sensational Beauty - a breakthrough collection that provides the highest level of functionality while offering a pleasant sensorial application.

Learn more about the expertise and innovation behind this sensory collection now!

What is an ASMR Collection?

ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response - this is the sensation produced by pleasant repetitive sights, gentle movements and sounds such as whispers, and crackles. ASMR stimulates the regions of the brain associated with calmness, relaxation, and wellbeing. An ASMR experience can take people into a relaxed, soothed state. 
The Sensational Beauty ASMR collection of six prototypes offers an ASMR-like application experience. Visually stimulating, relaxing crackling sounds and pleasant feel are just some of the sensational qualities of these products. 

Sensational Beauty Trend Kit

Our technical experts have achieved an innovative collection of six unique Skin Care formulations. This year's challenge was to develop formulas that could offer high functionality along with a pleasant sensorial application. 

Each prototype has been meticulously designed to give an experience that will produce a sensation of joy and wellbeing - therefore making this an ASMR collection.
Our top-quality portfolio has allowed us to find the ideal speciality ingredients to make this ASMR experience come to life. Contact our team to learn more about the technical excellence behind these products.