Food for Thought Series

Pushing the Boundaries of Your Product Development

Inspiring Discovery through
Innovative Ingredient Solutions

Explore a collection of prototype concepts that awaken your development

and push the boundaries of convention through innovative ingredient solutions.


Explore Our Prototype Concepts

Meatless Savory Spread

A plant-based alternative to your favorite spread, this innovative concept takes meatless snacking to the next level.


Why You'll Love it!

  • Contains 8g of protein per 50g serving
  • Lower in fat to similar market products
  • Lower in sodium
Keto-Friendly Crisp Bar

A clean-label, keto-friendly bar offering excellent protein and fiber content for an on-the-go delight.

Why You'll Love it!

  • Contains 14g of protein per 45g serving
  • Low in sugar, with no sugar alcohols
  • Excellent crunch and mouthfeel

"Less is More" Brioche-Style Bun

A nutritious and cost-effective bun containing no eggs and no butter, showcasing the latest technologies for egg and butter replacement.

Inspiring a Sweet Discovery

Heat-Stable Whipped Icing

A resilient heat-stable solution that withholds high ambient temperatures without fat leaching for optimum performance.

Why You'll Love it!

  • Maintains viscosity and shape stability in a wide range of temperatures
  • Consistent, longer-lasting quality
  • Neutral flavor for broad applications
Next Generation Beauty Gummy

Explore the benefits of the novel Hybrid Smart Technology, as we revel the next iteration of collagen supplements in a low sugar gummy applications.

Why You'll Love it!

  • Higher collagen content
  • Ease of use for great efficiency
  • Low in sugar

Pushing the Boundaries of Your

Beverage Development

Plant-based Barista Beverage


Unlock a creamy plant-based barista beverage showcasing the latest in foaming technology for an enhanced coffee experience.


Nutrition Beverage Shake


Discover a nutrition-dense beverage that delivers 9g of protein, 6g of fiber per 25g serving, and an excellent mouthfeel.


Our Technical and Market Experts are continuously pushing the boundaries of development. Bring us your formulation challenges and discover how we can support your next innovation.