Powering Tomorrow

Explore the latest trends and developments affecting the Lubricants, Fuels, Oil & Gas and Energy markets

Join us to experience an immersive, interactive virtual event. Registration is still open.

Brought to you by IMCD, 'Powering Tomorrow' is a virtual event delivered by the Lubricants & Energy team. It is designed to bring you the latest trends and innovations affecting the Lubricants, Fuels and Oil & Gas and Energy markets.

In our virtual space, you can explore the trends affecting our market sectors, hear from our experts and partners through educational webinars and contact IMCD experts to discuss your technical and formulatory questions .

Registration is open and you still have the chance to register and view content after the event. Please click on the 'Register now' button to submit your details and receive a personalised smart link.

What can you expect from IMCD Lubricants & Energy's 'Powering Tomorrow' virtual event?

Attend a wide range of Webinars

We have a packed agenda of webinars for attendees to access on demand. Listen to  IMCD experts and our esteemed partners speak on a range of topics relating to lubricants, fuels, oil & gas and energy. Whether your market interest relates to developments in vehicle fuels and lubricants, trends in e-mobility and sustainability, industrial fluids or products used in upstream and downstream oil & gas, we've got something for you.

Explore our virtual space

Your journey through the 'Powering Tomorrow' virtual event takes you from the exploration room and lab bench to the vehicle fuelling / recharging area. Explore the interior and exterior market application areas. Access product information that covers IMCD's range of:

·      additive packages for Gasoline and Diesel Fuels

·      products and testing services that support Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas industries

·      base oils, additive components and packages for Automotive and Industrial lubricants.

While discovering the different market zones, you can browse product documents and market brochures. You'll be able to download relevant content and contact our experts if you have any questions as you go. 

Connect with our market experts

At every step of the way in the virtual event, you'll have the opportunity to contact our experts. Whether you are looking for updates on industry trends, latest product developments for your market sector, formulatory advice or details on our laboratory services, we will be able to support you. You can access downloadable content and on demand webinar presentations.