Add Element [E] to your daily formula.

Welcome to our careers page. The Element E is our business’s X-factor, and if it’s in you, we invite you to explore it with us. Our Element E stands for Entrepreneurship and for Employee. It is the crucial factor that makes your ambitious goals bind with our markets, innovative solutions, and bold future visions. At IMCD it’s yours to explore, drive innovation and create a world of commercial, operational, and sustainable opportunities. 
Add Element [E] to your daily formula.

Our culture
Culture and values are important to us. They are needed to guide behaviors and decisions of managers and employees in a desired direction and in a certain manner. Our business strategy has been very stable and clear, so our people know in which direction we want to move the company. In an entrepreneurial business like IMCD, where the freedom to act is key,
we cannot - and do not - want to simply set out the desired employee behavior in detailed handbooks: instead, we outline the principles that guide decision making and conduct. Our values cut across borders, languages and cultures and are the same everywhere, at all times. The combined IMCD values and behaviors of employees define the IMCD culture.

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