Adhesives & Sealants

Tyzor PITA

Organic Titanate

Tyzor PITA is a yellow-to-amber liquid titanium ethyl acetoacetate complex with 100% active content. It is sensitive to moisture. Tyzor PITA may crystallize during storage because it freezes at approximately 28°C (82ºF). Crystallized product can be re-dissolved by warming and agitation.

Key Features

Tyzor PITA is usually formulated with other ingredients in crosslinking, sealant and adhesive applications.  It is often added last to prevent undesired pre-reactions with water or other components.

Recommended Applications

Tyzor PITA increases cure rates, crosslinks silanes, promotes adhesion and acts as a drying agent. It also is effective with silanol end-capped polymers such as polypropylene oxides, acrylates and polyurethanes.

Tyzor PITA can serve as a binder and adhesion promoter, and it cross-links functional polymers or other binders in paints.