Adhesives & Sealants

Unilink 2200

Polyurethane Catalyst

Unilink 2200 is a water-stable, proprietary liquid titanium chelate in reactive diluents. The product is soluble in most organic solvents and dissolves to produce clear, yellow/orange solutions.

Key Features

Performance Benefits:
• Sharp viscosity increase profile, similar to mercury
• Minimal isocyanate-water reaction for high-quality elastomers
• Excellent hardness build-up and rapid demold times
• Water-stable, environmentally friendly formulation
• Superior mechanical properties compared to mercury
• Excellent storage stability in polyether and polyester polyols
• Compatible with a variety of fillers

Recommended Applications

Unilink 2200 is a polyurethane gelling catalyst designed for filled and unfilled MDI-based elastomers. The product exhibits excellent gel-time stability when blended with the polyol side of the formulation. It is suitable only for formulations containing low levels of secondary alcohols and should not be used with non-ethyleneoxide-capped polypropyleneglycol polyols and similar formulations.