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Advanced Materials

At IMCD Advanced Materials, we partner with our customers to push the boundaries of material science and Open New Frontiers for the industry.

2021 trend report

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We are highly experienced in overcoming formulation challenges and ensuring smooth, efficient and safe production processes. Leveraging our unrivalled technical expertise, broad product portfolio and application know-how, we work side-by-side with you to create the right solution to differentiate your innovation.  

Innovative Solutions

Across all of the work we do at IMCD Advanced Materials, we never stop asking, 'what's next?'.

That's what drives our passion to uncover the solutions that we need to shape the future across industries - from the broadest global level to the smallest local scale. 

New Frontiers Knowledge Center
We have a series of dedicated taskforces tracking and analyzing the pulse on both global mega-trends and local market developments to ensure all of our partners stay ahead of the curve.

Our New Frontiers Knowledge Center is full of free resources for you to access, including our annual Trend Report, ongoing podcasts, and educational whitepapers.

We combine skill, dedication and experience to create unique solutions, which allow our customers to differentiate their offering into their demanding markets

Please contact our local representative to find out how we can meet your specific business.



Olivier Champault
Business Group Director

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