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Technical Expertise

At IMCD Advanced Materials, we start every customer interaction by listening carefully to your needs.

It is this understanding, along with years of experience working in relevant industries, that allows us to advise on complex material and design solutions.
Whether you are looking to improve an existing formulation, or innovate to find a new solution, our global experts are here to support your needs.

Meet some of our experts

We have experts around the world to work side-by-side with our customers. Together, we work to open new frontiers and develop the most innovative solutions on the market.  

Dan Andersson

Sales Manager & Global Sustainability Coordinator
Advanced Materials Sweden 

"Every day, we empower our customers with the knowledge and resources they need to create innovative and sustainable products for the future. We decomplexify how businesses are making the switch to greener solutions, and that is really exciting work to be a part of." 

Marta Clavero

Sales Manager & EMEA Packaging Expert Team Leader
Advanced Materials Iberia

"Our customers need outside of the box thinking when it comes to packaging solutions, and we're prepared to give that to them. No matter the challenge they face, whether it be medical or food regulations in regards to packaging materials, we are able to tackle it in stride to differentiate our customers products on the market." 

Brett M. Levy

Regional Sales Manager, West & Central 
Advanced Materials United States

"Day in, day out, we have the opportunity to drive innovation & growth for a wide range Advanced Materials customers industries, applications and products through unparalleled technical support, education, resources and unique novel chemistries to build the future of tomorrow."

Frank Yang 

Technical Service & Business Development Manager
Advanced Materials China

"All of our conversations start with innovation at the helm. From the beginning, we are working with our customers to ensure the right materials section for their needs and then supporting them with technical implementation every step of the way."

Our experts make our work a reality. Explore our expert insight reports and success stories to learn how our technical expertise has supported innovation across market sectors.

Just released Trend Report

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Replacing polyethylene to make paper cups more recyclable

We use around 500 billion disposable coffee cups worldwide each year, and less than 1% of those get recycled. Read our case study to learn how our experts supported our customers in adding a fully-recyclable natural polymer to the manufacturing process, ultimately making paper cups more recyclable. 

Biodegradable solution for fish trays 

With more and more regulations being implemented prohibiting single-use plastic, companies around the world are rethinking and reinventing how they approach product development. Read our success story to learn how one company was the first to develop recyclable and biodegradable plastic fish trays and roll them out in their supermarkets nationwide. 

Creating a non-hazardous polymerisation catalyst

A recent reclassification has led to a more stringent reproductive toxicity classification for cobalt octoate. Read our success story to learn how we supported our customer in replacing the cobalt octoate-based polymerisation and reclassifying materials without having to modify current formulations.

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