Join IMCD Advanced Materials at SAMPE 2023

IMCD is a global specialty chemical leader with a diverse portfolio of advanced composite chemistries with world class application and technical expertise. Pre-Preg, Honeycomb, Performance Structural Adhesives and so much more at SAMPE '23.




Seattle, WA, USA


April 17 - 20th



Reimagine advanced composite solutions

For more than 40 years, we have brought innovative composite solutions to the composite markets supporting our world class suppliers and customer base. We understand the complexities of the market, we become part of your team and help drive innovative optimal solutions. Join us to discuss your challenges.

Reimagine solutions. Open new frontiers.

About IMCD Advanced Materials

IMCD Advanced Materials is a global distributor with expertise in 24 end markets and 18 product categories. Take this chance to meet our dedicated market experts eager to share their market knowledge and trend insights with you. Let's collaborate to create more sustainable, efficient and innovative products. We'll assist you in every stage of product development.

Product categories can explore at our booth during SAMPE '23

• Adhesive components
• Amine curatives
• Anhydride curatives
• Epoxy resins
• Fillers/Reinforcements
• Flame retardants
• Modifiers
• Novolacs
• Non-Tin catalysts
• Other additives
• Phenolic resins
• Pigments
• Plasticizers
• Processing aids
• PUR raw materials
• Stabilizers
• Thermosets

Meet our IMCD US Advanced Materials Team

Brett Levy

Regional Sales Manager, West and Central, US Advanced Materials

David Carlin

Vice President, US Advanced Materials

Mark Bialy

Technical Account Manager, US Advanced Materials

Parry Foskett

Principal Manager, US Advanced Materials

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