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Beauty & Personal Care

We are a global leader in the marketing, sales and distribution of best-in-class functional and active ingredients for the Beauty & Personal care industry. With each formulation we develop, we are exploring new textures as well as sensorial experiences, seeking out optimal product performance and consumers' benefits to answer the market in a sustainable, and efficient way.

Shaping a tomorrow´s Beauty

Together with our business partners, we pro-actively spark sustainable ground-breaking solutions to shape a tomorrow´s Beauty that helps empower people, cares for the planet and strives for the well-being of today and future generations.

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Formulating & beyond

We offer a winning combination of global expertise and in-depth local market and industry knowledge.

Our great network of application laboratories combined with our extensive portfolio of emollients, emulsifiers, cosmetic actives, UV filters, powders, surfactants, rheology modifiers, effect pigments, antioxidant, preservatives and a lot more enables us to be a one-stop-shop for cosmetic manufacturers and brands to create a variety of future-facing personal care formulations that are shaping tomorrow's Beauty.

Our functional and active ingredients are sourced from world’s leading suppliers.

At IMCD Beauty & Personal Care, we are passionate about what we do and focus on delivering not only best-in-class ingredients also a superior experience to everyone we work with. Our expertise lies in our intimate understanding of the needs and trends of the beauty & personal care market and the society in addition to offering you the best technical and up-to-date regulatory support you need to succeed in a sustainable and profitable way.

Formulatory expertise that is shaping Tomorrow’s Beauty 

At IMCD Beauty & Personal Care, we are a leading distribution partner, formulator of speciality ingredients and innovative solutions for the personal care industry. We are committed to being a true business partner for our customers and principal partners.  
Our model is exceptional, we look to inspire industry disruptors and trend-setting brands with groundbreaking formulations that represent our best-in-class supplier partners. 

This model has awakened in us a need for constant innovation. The creativity, product development and ingenuity that take place in our application labs are our biggest differentiator.  ​​

Our team of scientists and chemists have decades of tenure and experience in application and product development – leading-edge experimentation and formulation is second nature to them. 

To further assist our customers and our suppliers, we provide on-demand formulation training, support, and regulatory guidance.   

Learn more about our capabilities and discover how you can co-create with our technical and commercial experts.  


 “Our customers see our commercial and formulatory expertise as an extension of their business. IMCD is a place to innovate and co-create. We generate value for everyone we work with.” 

Ian Lawrence  

Vice-president Beauty & Personal Care IMCD US 
Business Group Director Beauty & Personal Care Americas    


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