The Trends commentary Active Ingredients is now available!

Dive into the hot topics that are driving the cosmetic active ingredients market

IMCD Beauty & Personal Care actively explores today’s consumers shifting behaviors to uncover global trend drivers that will shape the future of the global beauty industry.


Supported by the latest market data, this report is intended to be an inspirational guide featuring analysis and insights from Industry experts, as well as some illustrations on how to respond to trends and meet the market demand.



When Beauty mimics nature

Biomimetics has been triggering discoveries of powerful molecules and breakthrough biological pathways, like the ones our skin naturally produces to protect and maintain natural balance and healthy state. As consumers interest for natural products that are efficient and safe, ingredient manufacturers are increasingly focusing on biomimetics approach in the development of next generation cosmetic actives that meet the market demand.

Skincare’s microbiome movement

As consumers have become more educated about how maintaining a well-functioning and balanced skin microbiome is essential for keeping a healthy, radiant and resistant skin, they have shifted their skincare routine towards a more self-care approach that fulfill their aspirations for healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Upcycled beauty booms

The demand from beauty shoppers for more information about the ingredients used in the cosmetic formulations they buy for not only their function and safety, but also on their origin and method of preparation is reflecting growing interest for sustainable products. The reuse and valorization of waste materials or byproducts to create ingredients of higher quality or value has brought a new category of wanted products with a societal purpose.