Welcome to The Beauty Institute

Our digital hub for innovation!

A unique destination to explore the latest innovations and trends that are shaping the future of Beauty. 

The Beauty Institute by IMCD is a 3D immersive environment that has been especially designed to host and stream all kind of events.
As a true digital hub for innovation, The Beauty Institute is an interactive place that invites visitors to deep dive into IMCD Beauty & Personal Care's world of expertise.

This modern virtual building is composed of two main areas - the beauty labs zone and the amphitheater. Both have been thought to to inspire the creation of tomorrow's personal care products.

Delivering solutions for industry marketeers and formulators, the Beauty Institute is the virtual place to be!
  • Discover the latest product innovations from the world’s leading suppliers
  • Listen to technical and marketing insights from industry experts & thought leaders
  • Watch trendy product concepts and formulation demos
  • Explore personal care solutions exclusively accessible in one virtual place

Discover The Beauty Institute

The amphitheater
This area is dedicated to the broadcast of expert talks, presentations and video animations as well as to the set-up of live interactive sessions with IMCD teams. 
The Beauty Lab zone

The virtual Beauty Lab concept has been designed to showcase IMCD's unique expertise and technical know-how, from the ingredient formulation to the finished product performances and uses, for diverse cosmetic applications.

Each Beauty Lab is dedicated to a specific market segment covering skin care, sun care, hair care, color cosmetics and toiletries. In each lab, you will discover our latest innovative formulation concepts, both formulation tutorial and lab equipment videos.

The meeting room area
The meeting room is a place to schedule meetings with IMCD representatives, during or after the live event.