Coatings & construction

Product offering

Our relationships with leading global principals mean we can offer customers a diverse and comprehensive product portfolio, covering the full range of relevant areas to enable effective formulation development. 
Accelerators Catalysts & Chain Extenders Matting / Flatting Agents
Adhesion Promoters Crosslinkers / Coupling Agents Microbial Control
Air Entraining Agents Defoamers Nanotech Additives
Anti Corrosion Agents Driers 
Open Time Prolongers
Anti - Blocking Agents Flame Retardants Ph Control / Buffer
Antioxidants Flash Rust Inhibitors
Anti - Slipping Agents Flow & Leveling Agents Retarders
Coalescing / Film Forming Agents Hydrophobing Agents  
Rheology Modifiers:    
  Cellulose Ethers Thixotropic Agents
  Attapulgite Collodial & Fumed Silicas
  Bentonite Natural Rheology Modifiers
  Synthetic Polymer Thickeners Starch Derivatives
Shrinkage Compensation Water Reducers  Waxes
Slip Agents Water Repellents Wetting & Dispersing Agents
Substrate Wetting Water Retention Agents UV Absorbers / Light Stabilizers
Functional Fillers
Barium Sulfates Fumed Silica Pumice
Calcinated Alumina Kaolin Clays  Silicate Fillers
Calcium Carbonate Lightweight Fillers
Ceramic Microspheres Mica & Mica Mixed Minerals Wollastonite
Diatomeous Earth Opaque Polymer  
Anti-Corrosive Pigments Iron Oxides / Transparents Pigment Dispersions
Carbon Black Mixed Metal Oxides Titanium Dioxide
Dyes Opacity  Pigments  
Effect Pigments Organic Pigments  
Acrylic Thermoplastic Resins Alkyd Emulsions Fluoropolymer Resins
Alkyd Resins Epoxy Resins  
  Aliphatic Polyisocyanates Aromatic Polyisocyanates
   Epoxy Curing Agents  
Natural Oils & Binders Phenolic Resins Polyamide Resins
Polyester Thermoplastic Resins Polyol Acrylic Dispersions  
   Acrylic   Polyester
Polyurethane Resins Reactive Diluents Epoxy Silicone Resins
Polyvinyl Butyral Reactive Diluents UV Styrene Butadiene Resins
Polyvinyl Copolymer Resins Silane Terminated Polymers Unsaturated Polyesters
Polyvinylacetate Copolymer Resins Silicate Resins UV Resins
Powder Coating Resins    
Speciality Solvents
Acetate Esters    

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