Evonik AERODISP® Pre-dispersed Fumed Silica

Low viscosity water-based dispersion of fumed silica, with a slightly alkaline pH
Pre-dispersed Fumed Silica

Also known as pyrogenic silica, it consists of microscopic droplets of amorphous silica fused into branched, chainlike. 

Pre-dispersed fumed silica is an aqueous dispersion of hydrophobic fumed silica mainly used in water-based pigmented coatings and clear coatings. They provide good rheology control, anti-settling, pigment stabilization and improvement of mechanical properties.

This technology is suitable for applications of high-performance waterborne industrial coatings, such as plastic, metal, and automotive coatings.


  • Ease of handling
  • No dusting or worker exposure to dust particles
  • Less energy to incorporate

AEROSDISP®  W 7520 is an aqueous dispersion of hydrophilic fumed silica.

AEROSDISP®  WR 8520 is an aqueous dispersion of hydrophilic fumed silica.

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