Meet us at Coating Trends and Technologies 2023

Coating Trends and Technologies 

Chicago, Illinois 

September 6-8 



Emerging Solutions for The City of Tomorrow


More than ever, 21st-century challenges, such as modern infrastructure expansion, have the coatings and construction markets worldwide driving real innovation to provide healthier, greener, smarter, and more efficient solutions.

Learn how we can co-create to develop those innovative solutions, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. 

Explore our Coatings & Construction Laboratory

Our global network of laboratories with US locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Miami, Florida provides development and testing support for.
Industrial Coatings

Decorative Paints


Adhesives and Sealants

Product solutions to explore at our booth during CTT ’23:

  • Calcium Aluminate Cements 
  • Construction Additives
  • Crosslinkers
  • Coalescing Agents & Plasticizers
  • Defoamers & Deaerators
  • Driers
  • Flame Retardants
  • Flow / Levelling Agents
  • Foaming Agents
  • Functional Fillers
  • Hombicure - Lithium Carbonate Alternative
  • Matting and flatting agents
  • Microbial control
  • Organic Pigments
  • Effect Pigments
  • Resins & Binders
  • Rheology modifiers
  • Superplasticizers
  • Water Repellents
  • Water Retention Agents
  • Waxes
  • Wetting & Dispersing Agents
  • Titanium Dioxide & Inorganic Pigments

...and much more!

Connect with our team at the Coating Trends & Technologies Show.

Doug Thompson

Regional Sales Manager, US Central

Ayaz Khan

Technical Director, Americas

Julie Kotnik

Technical Account Manager, US Central

Marc Yurco

Technical Account Manager, US Central

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