Taste is King: Elevating your product to the next level

Food for Thought Series

Why you can't afford to ignore TASTE

Market Trends to keep you ahead

Flavors with a message

Certain flavor choices can reinforce a product's positioning, image, or sustainability story, contributing to a product's value.

Botanicals and superfoods

Plant-based demands continue to boost interest in all kinds of botanicals. Herbs, spices and even floral flavors, offering health functionality.

Healthful flavors

Flavor choices are an important part of positioning food and beverage on healthy platforms, with many offering specific functional health benefits alongside taste.

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Flavorful Lunch-inspired Prototype Concepts

Protein Enriched Tortilla
As protein enrichment is growing in the bread category our prototype is featuring a blend of pea and wheat protein. This concept is packed with 9g of plant protein per serving and enzyme technology for improved flexibility and shelf-life.
Multifaceted Plant-Based Filling
This plant-based filling features textured vegetable proteins and is ideal for various applications including tacos, pasta or lasagna. Flavors reminiscent of a traditional Bolognese sauce, the concept highlights flavors of mirepoix, tomato, basil with spices and savory notes of beef, onion and garlic.
Bold Wellness Soup
Rich beef broth with notes of rosemary, thyme, and a touch of spice from black pepper. Aside from a flavorful concept, this unique broth contains 5g per serving of bioactive collagen peptides for improved immune health.

Dairy-Alt Cheeses to Elevate your Meal

Non-Dairy Cheddar "Chease"

This plant-based cheese alternative features creamy, bright and slightly sharp flavor notes, highlighting great texture and excellent melting characteristics.

Non-Dairy Mozzarella "Chease"

The plant-based analogue delivers a delicate and milk-like freshness flavor profile traditionally found in conventional mozzarella cheese.