Clean Label: Achieving More!

Food for Thought Series

Discovering Clean Label Ingredient Solutions

Explore clean label taste, texture, nutrition and function through a series of breakfast-style prototype concepts highlighting the latest in clean label market trends
clean label breakfast
Plant-Based ‘Beaf’ Burger

The next generation of plant-based ‘beaf’ burgers featuring a series of IMCD clean label functional ingredients, including pectin and gellan gum to replace methylcellulose and textured vegetable proteins.

Plant-Based Protein Enriched Loaf

This plant-based protein enriched loaf is made with clean label preservatives, enzymes and a combination of pea, wheat and oat proteins for a balanced amino acid profile.

Southwest Spicy Plant-Based Dip

Free from dairy and egg, this cleaner label prototype hits the spicy-hot trends with notes of southwest chipotle and a touch of smoke.

Plant-Based Spread (Roasted Garlic Flavor)

This plant-based “chease” spread uses IMCD functional ingredients to provide exceptional texture, taste and mouth feel. Discover clean label vegetable proteins, starch (US only) and texturants to achieve the desired profile.

Clean Label Beverages

Discovering the P+Oat Beverage and Almond Beverage Concepts

20% of New Product Launches in 2022 had a Clean Label product positioning. Ask us how we can help you clean up your ingredient listing without compromising taste, texture, nutrition or function!