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There is an invisible superhero ever-present in our daily lives. When used in food and beverage applications, it is a superior ingredient that boosts functionality for a wide range of applications.

Discover the ideal enzymes to improve food freshness and optimize your product quality, while delivering cleaner-label food products to your consumers. 

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Our team of experts can help you select the best solution  for a wide range of product applications.

Bakery Enzymes

Enzymes are the key to anchor clean label formulation strategies in the bakery sector across various applications.

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Dairy Enzymes

Preserve freshness, improve flavor and texture, and harness the better-for-you market in a range of enzyme technologies.

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Carbohydrate Processing Enzymes

Discover advanced enzyme technology for food and beverage applications.

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Protein Processing Enzymes

Increase yield and improve protein extraction for meat, poultry and seafood with a range of protease enzymes.

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Bakery Enzymes
Uncover a greater degree of control over the bakery process and make your baked good fresher, softer, more consistent, and longer-lasting with IFF’s bakery enzyme solutions. Our Technical Experts work as an extension of your R&D team to determine the label-friendly ingredient solutions best suited to meet your unique bakery needs. 

Key Enzyme Benefits

• Offers uniform flour performance

• Improves dough stability

• Improves freshness

• Gives excellent crumb structure, volume, and visual appeal

• Dough conditioning
• Sugar reduction

Dairy Enzymes

Today’s consumer is looking for dairy options to meet their personalized dietary needs, lactose-free offerings to products reduced in sugar. Harness consumer demands for innovative dairy products through IFF’s collection of dairy enzymes that help deliver defining texture and flavor, improve freshness, or aid in the digestion of milk, while providing advantages in UHT processing.

Key Enzyme Benefits:

• Texture and flavor formation

• Improved freshness

• Reduced whey bitterness

Enjoy sustained gains and cost savings, while improving your food products

Carbohydrate Processing Enzymes

Optimize your starch and carbohydrate processing through a wide range of liquefaction, saccharification and isomerization products. Our team of experts work closely with our customers to offer new enzyme products by applying innovative biotechnology platforms to their custom equipment, process and substrates. IFF enzyme technology contributes to energy, water, and chemical reduction by increasing dry solids, reducing process temperatures, reducing costly process pH adjustments, and improving filtration efficiencies.

Applications Include:

• Grain-Based Beverages

• Starch Processing

• Carbohydrate Processing

• Fruit & Vegetable Firming

Protein Processing Enzymes

Protein Processing enzymes are designed to optimize production processes and add nutritional benefits to your products. IFF protein processing enzymes provide impactful benefits in the meat and culinary industry, enabling you to increase your meat yield, improve protein extraction, and convert otherwise waste-bound by-products into valuable ingredients. Explore the portfolio of natural extracts or products produced by microbial fermentation to support your protein processing.

Key Benefits: 

• Increase yield
• Improves extraction
• Converts by-products into valuable ingredients
• Reduces protein hydrolysate bitterness