We partner directly with our customers to bring delicious and sustainable products to life with flavor

IMCD’s Flavor Experts provide technical guidance on flavor selection and prototype formulations that use flavor enhancers and maskers, encapsulated flavors, as well as Organic offerings

By connecting with consumer taste buds, you will gain their trust and loyalty. Just as quickly as food trends change, formulation and manufacturing techniques have to adjust even faster. By partnering with the Technical Flavor Team at IMCD, we can create prototypes and formulation suggestions to meet your needs. Discover IMCD's extensive flavor solutions portfolio, from flavor encapsulation to preserve taste to flavor masking agents that provide an elevated eating experience
Speak with our Technical Flavor Specialists to request a flavor sample, prototype concept, or technical support for your next development.

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IMCD offers a variety of flavor solutions from the following flavor categories 

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Flavor Expertise

With a combined 30 years of experience ranging from entrepreneurs to large national brands, IMCD’s Technical Flavor Specialists understand the needs of product developers and can find the flavor tools they need to complete their projects based on consumer preference. 

Connect with IMCD’s team of regional Technical Flavor Specialists, who work directly with our customers to provide a tailored flavor solution that meets their unique requirements

What is a Flavor? 

Flavor is our combined sensory perception of smell and taste sensations as we eat and drink. The taste of food can be categorized as sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. 

Why use Flavors? 
Flavor improves palatability and provides a signature identity to a product. Flavors help enhance and stabilize food’s native taste to withstand what is lost with processing and stabilize taste until the end of shelf life. Flavors can mask off-notes, provide taste modulation in a cost-effective solution.  

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