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Flavor Masking Agents

As consumers crave cleaner labels, plant-based ingredients, and nutritionally fortified food offers, developers are tasked with creating products that not only meet these better-for-you requirements but present a pleasant taste experience.

IMCD offers speciality flavor maskers developed to tackle complex taste challenges encountered when working with the following ingredients: 

  • Plant proteins 
  • Animal proteins 
  • Stevia, monk fruit, and other sweeteners 
  • Whole grains 
  • Vitamins, minerals, caffeine, acids, and other active ingredients 
Our team will pair the right flavor masker for your specific formulation challenge. Connect with our Technical Flavor Specialists to explore our line of flavor masker solutions:
Off-Note Maskers

Masks undesired notes with no added taste

Specialty Protein Maskers

Masks with added taste, for flavorful balance

Bitter Blockers

Maskers impact and lingering effects of bitter notes

Acid Maskers

Alleviates the intensity of acid sourness

IMCD is proud to offer ModulaSENSE®

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