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Natural, Non-GMO and Certified Organic Flavors

If consumers demand it, we supply it. IMCD offers an extensive line of Natural, NON-GMO, and Certified Organic grades of flavors.

Experience Flavor – The Natural Way 
Through advanced science and flavor artistry, IMCD represents the best natural & organic offerings in the market. Our Principal Supplier controls the end-to-end management of their products, including their own Certified Organic manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest quality, responsible sourcing, and availability of raw materials.
IMCD’s partners excel at capturing the vibrant and desired flavor notes consumers crave, with minimal processing. With natural & organic ingredients available, we are equipped to meet your product requirements and the latest in market trends. 

Non-GMO and Organic Certified Flavors
IMCD offers a large portfolio of fully Non-GMO and Organic Certified Flavors and extracts for both sweet and savory applications.

Our Organic Certified solutions start with a deep commitment to responsible and sustainable sourcing. We understand the organic regulation landscape and will work together to ensure our products meet your label requirements. With our expertise in organic, natural & clean label ingredients, you can be confident we have the flavor solutions consumers are looking for.

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Our line of natural, Non-GMO and Organic Certified Flavors suited for your formulation.