Food & Nutrition


IFT First 2023

Chicago, Illinois


July 17, 2023



Unlocking Your Sustainability Story

Rethink how you approach sustainability with IMCD ingredient solutions

Join us and explore an innovative approach to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals through a collection of trend-forward ingredient solutions

Featured UN Sustainability Development Goals

Good Health & Well-being
At IMCD, Good Health & Well-being means nutritional improvement. Our team of Food Experts are continuously innovating to improve the nutritional quality of your products, such as protein, fiber, or sugar and sodium content. Our goal is to optimize your nutritional panel, without sacrificing the taste, texture or function of your product.
Responsible Consumption & Production

We collaborate closely with our Principal Partners to foster sustainable consumption and production patterns. Such practices are key to sustain the livelihood of current and future generations. At IFT, we will feature the following solutions to align with these goals, including…


  • Plant-based innovation
  • Shelf-life improvement (decrease in food waste)
  • Upcycling solutions 

Rethink how you approach sustainability

IMCD Tasting Experience

Discover an innovative approach to good health & well-being as well as responsible consumption & production through a series of trend-forward prototype concepts.
Plant-Based Crab-less Cake

A plant-based spin-off mimicking the popular fishcake taste and texture

Plant-Based Remoulade Dip

This classic spicy condiment is plant-based, free from eggs with a touch of heat and tang

Plant-Based Parmesan Chease

A non-dairy “chease” offering the traditional characteristics and delicious flavor profile of parmesan cheese

Keto Friendly Crisp Bar

A clean label, keto-friendly bar that provides 14g of protein & 8 - 10g of fiber for an optimum snack

"Less is More" Brioche-Style Bun

A nutritious and cost-effective brioche bun solution free from eggs and butter

IMCD Wellness Bar

Explore a series of beverages featuring the latest in market-trends and ingredient innovations.
Nutrition Beverage Shake Mix

A nutritious beverage, delivering protein and fiber

Coconut Beverage

A plant-based beverage with excellent mouthfeel and stability

Active Living Beverage

A perfect drink for people on the go, delivering bioactive collagen peptides

Refresh Fiber Shot

A refreshing fiber shot delivering 10g of fiber per 100g serving

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