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IMCD Tasting Experience: Trend-Forward Prototype Concepts

Savory 'Beaf' Bites

a next generation plant-based innovation featuring cleaner label ingredients and delightful eating quality

Savory Beaf Meatball
Sweet & Sour Sauce

A light and flavorful sauce adds a complimentary taste profile and texture to your dish

Sweet and Sour sauce
Coleslaw with Plant-Based Mayonnaise Spread

A plant-based spread with no added eggs, mustards or soy for an allergen-friendly eating experience

Keto Friendly Fudge Brookie

A soft, chewy and fudgy brownie cookie suited to meet the keto market trend

Keto Friendly Fudge Brookie
Plant Powered Nutrition Bar

A plant-based protein bar packed with protein and no-added-sugar for a convenient on-the-go snack

Plant Powered Nutrition Bar
Better-For-You Brew

A ready-to-drink coffee beverage enriched with protein, fiber and zero sugar for a supercharged delight

Better-For-You Power Brew
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