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Flavor Enhancers

Elevate your products with best in class flavor enhancers or natural sweetener solutions for a cleaner label product offering. Discover a portfolio of flavor enhancer ingredients that complement our market leading taste solutions.  

Boost your flavor experience through the unique flavor enhancer ingredient solutions. IMCD offers an exclusive portfolio of high-performance flavor solutions to restore great taste in reduced sugar or salt foods.
The ingredient solutions work across all applications and support “Better for You” goals by balancing the flavor profiles of products with reduced sugars, salts and/or calories.

Salt Enhancement and Sodium Reduction Tools

IMCD offers a range of flavor solutions that boost salt flavor perception, mask potassium chloride off-notes, and enhance the overall profile of products.

Umami/Savory Enhancement

Umami flavor tools help restore significant mouthfeel and roundness in food products. Ideal applications include sodium-reduced, fat-reduced, or MSG-reduced products, to help restore food to their traditional crave-able taste.

Flavor Enhancer Benefits

Flavor enhancers are designed to target sensory gaps often encountered in product develop. Help repair the taste gaps in your products created when reducing sugar, fat or protein. Restore the authentic indulgent experience your customers crave and expect by ensuring the complex balance of taste, aroma and mouthfeel is just right.  

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