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Vegan Flavors

“71% of plant-based cheese consumers agree plant-based cheese should mimic cheese in taste and texture—reinforcing its need to deliver a true-to-dairy experience.”

Taste is King ♛ 

With the undeniable rise of alternatives to dairy and meat protein, there is a growing emphasis on perfecting flavor. Consumers are no longer satisfied with weak imitations of the original version, 

compromising taste with their plant-based alternative. Consumers expect more from their sensory experience, with taste now being the key purchase driver of vegan alternatives.  
Tailored Flavor Techniques

Understanding the taste and functionality of the product base is critical in addressing the taste challenges with plant-based applications. IMCD’s Technical Flavor Specialists take a holistic approach to development and formulation support. By understanding the balance between masking bitter protein notes, perfecting mouthfeel and building in the characteristics and defining tastes that make the product unique, IMCD can help creating a memorable vegan experience.  


Vegan flavors for plant-based products: 

  • Vegan Chicken  
  • Vegan Beef  
  • Vegan Pork  
  • Vegan Bacon  
  • Vegan Sausage  
  • Vegan Seafood and Fish 
  • Vegan Cheese and Dairy
  • Vegan Egg 


Supporting flavors for plant-based products:  

  • Plant Protein off-note and bitterness maskers 
  • Cooked and culinary characteristics (Grill, Smoke, Fried, Spices, etc.) 
  • Umami enhancers 
  • Salt enhancers 

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