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Use of renewable source materials today

Sixty-four percent of respondents report currently using renewable source materials, with another 21% intending to start within the next three years. (Figure 1)

France, Spain and Brazil are particularly high-adopters of renewables, with 86% of French respondents, 78% of Spanish respondents, and 72% of Brazilian respondents reporting their use.
Figure 1

use renewable source
materials today

intend to use renewable source in the next 3 years

do not use and have
no plans to start

Motivations behind using renewable source

Customer / consumer demand is by far the most influential factor pushing companies toward renewables, with over a third of those who currently use renewable source materials (34%) naming it as the primary driver of their use. Another 26% called environmental impact the top driver. Competitive advantage was a distant third, as the chief motivator of 12% of renewable source users. (Figure 2)

The full benefit of renewable source materials on environmental and competitive factors becomes clear when looking at all of the added value renewables offer. Environmental impact and competitive advantage were each selected by more than half of respondents when they were given the option to share multiple advantages of renewable source use. (Figure 3)
Figure 2

Figure 3

Challenges of renewable source use

Pricing remains a major issue for companies using renewable source materials, with half of respondents (50%) naming it as the top challenge to pursuing this type of sustainable sourcing. Functionality and availability are also areas of concern, with 20% and 17% of respondents naming these areas as their chief challenges, respectively. (Figure 3)

A number of factors keep organisations from adopting renewable source materials. Forty-four percent of those who intend to use these materials but have not started using them yet cited a lack of good alternatives for their industries as a contributing factor. This is a chief concern across a number of sustainable categories. However, this lack of alternatives is far from the only barrier that keeps more companies from switching to renewable sources materials. Thirty percent of respondents felt that the price point of renewable materials exceeded their budgets. Twenty-four percent felt available materials did not perform technically as needed. (Figure 4)
Figure 4

Figure 5

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