Technical Expertise

Our technical experts are committed to helping our customers identify opportunities for development in the market. 
Through our partnerships with leading suppliers, we have access to a comprehensive product portfolio that includes a wide range of additives and synthetic bases fluids.

By working to understand what you want to achieve, we can recommend custom-made product formulations suitable for your specific needs. 

In our Technical Centers, we perform tests on products and evaluate recommended formulations by mimicking performance in real life applications. These testing capabilities are perfect for our customers who do not have access to their own instruments or labs, and include the following tests:


  • Rust and corrosion
  • Oxidation
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear
  • Grease related (e.g. water wash out, penetration, dropping point)
  • Metalworking related (e.g. foaming tendency, emulsion stability)
  • Physico-chemical (e.g. flash point, density, viscosity, infra-red) 
Our successful partnerships with both suppliers and customers are based on ensuring that the best service is given at every stage. Together, we identify applications and assign the required tests. We then investigate competitive products to ensure only the most effective are used in every formulation. 

Determining the function and volume potential of the product comes next and should it be necessary any trouble shooting and problem-solving take place. If the product, or combination of products, have any special requirements – regulatory or other, we ensure this is clear for our customers and doesn’t affect the validity of the final solution. 

With our technical expertise, a winning formulation is a given. 

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