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Calcium Phosphate

Dibasic calcium phosphate, Dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate

Calcium Phosphate
It is used as a filler because of its compaction properties, and the excellent flow.

Common forms:
DCPA - Dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous
DCPD - Dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate
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Calcium Phosphate
Calcium Phosphate
Primary function
Filler/ Diluent
Typical use level
Up to 50% w/w
Physical data

  • Bulk density: from 700 to 1300 g/cm³
  • Mean particle size: 60 - 160 µm

Benefits / Claims
Compatible with most of APIs
Non-hygroscopic, physically and chemically stable
Brittle behaviour
Low sensitivity to lubricant
Suitable for

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