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Cetyl/stearyl alcohol

Cetostearyl alcohol

Cetyl/stearyl alcohol
Cetostearyl alcohol acts as a consistency building agent thus increasing the viscosity of the system.
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Cetyl/stearyl alcohol
Cetyl/stearyl alcohol
Primary function
Typical use level
IID level for topical route is 12% w/w. As a viscosifier for creams, it can be evaluated up to 12% w/w, but for lotions, the usage level can be as low as 5% w/w.
Physical data

  • Composition: Mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, mainly 40 - 70% of stearyl alcohol and 20 - 35% of cetyl alcohol.
  • Appearance: White waxy powder
  • RHLB: 15.5

Benefits / Claims
In combination with surfactants, Cetostearyl alcohol forms emulsions with very complex microstructures, which can include liquid crystals, lamellar structures, and gel phases
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