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Cocoyl caprylocaprate

Cocoyl Caprylocaprate

Cocoyl caprylocaprate
It is a polar lipid that can sometimes be used in higher concentrations as an emollient and can also form the base for the non-aqueous portion of the formulation.
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Cocoyl caprylocaprate
Cocoyl caprylocaprate
Primary function
Non-aqueous base
Typical use level
As a non-aqueous base, the concentration could be up to 5% w/w
Physical data

  • Appearance: slightly yellowish liquid
  • Spreading value: 800 mm² (Medium spreading emollient)
  • Ester prepared from the dehydration of fatty alcohols containing caprylic and capric acids

Benefits / Claims
Occlusive effect also increases hydration, which can act as a driving force for drug penetration into the skin. Polar lipid having solubilizing capacity for some actives
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