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1-Ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone homopolymer PVP

Povidone is a synthetic polymer consisting essentially of linear 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone groups, the degree of polymerization of which results in polymers of various molecular weights. Povidone can be applied in different types of pharmaceutical formulations. One application of povidone in solid-dosage form is as a pore-former. Povidone can improve the water solubility of the coating, creating a certain amount of diffusion through an insoluble coating of a tablet.
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Primary function
Typical use level
10 - 30% (w/w coating system, depending on PVP grade/viscosity)
Physical data

  • Occurs as a fine, white to creamy-white, odourless or almost odourless, hygroscopic powder.
  • Bulk density: 0.29 - 0.39 g/cm³
  • Tapped density: 039 - 0.54 g/cm³
  • Soluble in water, ethanol, methanol

Benefits / Claims
Commercially available in different grades that can meet the specific requirements of each type of formulation. Integrated in coating systems, it forms pores in the coating for actives to diffuse through during release.
Suitable for
Modified Release specials

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