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Precipitated Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate

Precipitated Calcium Silicate
It is used as a diluent or filler in oral solid formulations. It has a high absorptive capacity and can convert liquid APIs to free flowing powders. In ODT formulations, calcium silicates like FM-1000 act as a disintegration aid thereby reducing the disintegration time
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Precipitated Calcium Silicate
Precipitated Calcium Silicate
Primary function
Typical use level
Disintegrant aid: 5 - 20%
Filler: 10 - 80%
Physical data

  • Appearance: White or off-white powder
  • pH: 8.4 - 11.2 (1 in 20 aqueous suspension)

Benefits / Claims
Can absorb liquids more than 50% by weight. Higher absorptive capacity protects the tablets from moisture uptake.
With FM-1000, disintegration time can be reduced and range can be anywhere between 5-30 seconds
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