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Propylene glycol monolaurate

1,2- Propanediol monolaurate

Propylene glycol monolaurate
It is an excellent solubiliser for poorly soluble drugs. It also finds use as a co-emulsifier for microemulsions. Used as a carrier in soft and hard gelatin capsules.
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Propylene glycol monolaurate
Propylene glycol monolaurate
Primary function
Filler/ Diluent
Typical use level
It is listed in the IID for capsules 2.1gm daily exposure.
Physical data

  • Appearance at 20°C: Clear, colourless or slightly yellow oily liquid
  • C12 fatty acid: ≥95.0%
  • Mixture of the propylene glycol mono and diester of lauric acid.
  • Type I Propylene glycol monolaurate contains min. of 45% monoesters, while Type II contains 90% monoesters.
  • HLB: 4.5

Benefits / Claims
Excellent solubiliser for poorly soluble drugs. Functions as a co-emulsifier
Suitable for
Cream/ Emulsion
Softgel capsules

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