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Maize starch, Corn starch, Potato starch, Rice starch, Tapioca starch, Wheat starch

Starch consists of linear amylose and branched amylopectin. Different type of starch has different amylose content and gelatinization temperature.
Tapioca Starch can be used to make gluten-free softgels, 100% Vegan.
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Primary function
Softgel shell
Physical data

  • Bulk density and tapped density depend on the type of starch and their respective industrial process
  • Flowability: commercial starch is generally cohesive and has poor flow characteristics.

Benefits / Claims
Capsules made with starch may have higher burst strength and elasticity. Starches as film former materials can provide alternatives to gelatin for softgel capsule production.
Non-animal source (gelatin replacement) for softgel capsule shell production
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