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Stearoyl Polyoxyglycerides

PEG-32 Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides

Stearoyl Polyoxyglycerides
It can be evaluated as a solubility enhancer for poorly soluble drugs that will be filled in softgel capsules
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Stearoyl Polyoxyglycerides
Stearoyl Polyoxyglycerides
Primary function
Typical use level
IID limit of 12.6mg per dose
Physical data

  • Appearance: Pale yellow waxy solid
  • HLB: 13
  • Mean relative molecular mass: 300 and 4000
  • C16 content: 40 - 50%
  • C18 content: 48 - 58%

Benefits / Claims
Emulsifier, wetting agent, thickener and BAE enhancer
Suitable for
Cream/ Emulsion
Softgel capsules
Oral Solutions
Oral Suspensions
Oral Syrup

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