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Stearyl alcohol

1- Octadecanol

Stearyl alcohol
Stearyl alcohol is a mixture of solid aliphatic alcohols comprising mainly of a 18 carbon straight chain alcohol. It finds major use as a stiffening agent, thus increasing viscosity of the emulsion and contributing to a better stability.
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Stearyl alcohol
Stearyl alcohol
Primary function
Typical use level
It is listed in the IID. For topical creams and emulsions, as a co-emulsifier, it can be evaluated up to 8% w/w
Physical data

  • Appearance: hard, white, waxy pieces, flakes, or granules with a slight characteristic odour
  • Melting range: 57 - 60°C (Ph. Eur)

Benefits / Claims
Emollient, thickener, has also been evaluated as a penetration enhancer
Suitable for
Cream/ Emulsion
Hard gel capsules

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