The LYF Fuel Collection™ by IMCD

Nutraceutical concepts that fuel a healthy life and marketplace innovation

LYF Fuel Collection

Addressing an accelerated interest in health

An accelerated interest in health and active lifestyle has turned consumers seeking nutraceutical solutions to take a more holistic approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. At IMCD, we are advancing ideas to fuel a healthy life by curating the active ingredients, excipients and technical expertise to support the industry in its quest to meet consumer needs today and in the future.

The LYF Fuel Collection™ by IMCD

Addressing the needs of the market, IMCD introduces a collection of prototypes to inspire concepts that fuel life and advance ideas into market-ready formulations.

Formulated in the IMCD Technical Centre located in New Jersey, the LYF Fuel Collection by IMCD is designed to fuel innovation and support a healthy life.
Explore the latest collection designed to meet consumer needs and accelerate your formulation process.

Once-daily liposomal Ginkgo biloba extract for cognitive health to tune the “engine” of the body


Salmon oil gummy for heart health to spark active living


Sports nutrition sachet to drive physical activity and recovery


Chewable tablet for bone and joint health to protect the framework of the body


Green tea extract ODT to experience a more balanced life through calm and relaxation

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IMCD delivers end-to-end solutions with clinically studied and fully traceable active nutraceutical ingredients, a full range of high-quality excipients for a variety of dosage forms, plus commercial and technical experts to assist at every stage of product development.


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