Technical expertise

Regulated synthesis

Often during the API manufacturing process, waste by-products and pollutants are generated. It has been estimated that as much as 80% of waste can be traced to solvents (Roger Sheldon, ChemTech, 1994).

Solvent selection is crucial in eliminating the environmental burden associated with API manufacture.

IMCD's Greener Solutions meet this growing need for more environmentally friendly technologies in chemical synthesis. Despite advances in research, many chemical producers have not transitioned to "green" chemistry and engineering. IMCD can support sustainable chemical processes development that will differentiate future-thinking businesses. 

“IMCD’s Greener Solvents Seminar showed us alternative solvents that we were not aware of”

Managing Director, Biopharma

The first step in the journey is IMCD's Greener Solvents seminar, which is delivered free of charge to you and your team. In the session, alternatives to some potentially toxic or environmentally harmful solvents commonly used in chemical synthesis today are presented.
In turn, IMCD is continuing to expand the portfolio of speciality solvents to include raw materials that are derived from renewable feed stocks, have lower toxic potential or require less energy during manufacturing.