IMCD Pharmaceuticals

Active Phamaceutical Ingredients

With a focus on APIs for selected therapeutic groups, we manage the full process of sourcing sensitive or rare materials.

Across our global network of Technical Centres, we combine our extensive Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient experience with excipients and dosage form design - to provide the best formulation assistance.  

Discover our Therapeutics Portfolio

Controlled Substances

Regulated compounds like morphine derivates and other controlled substances like Pseudoephedrine.

Hormones and Steroids

Our high-end portfolio includes compounds like Prednisone and Prednisolone from leading global manufacturers.

Muscle Relaxants

Compounds such as Neostigmine, Suxamethonium and Physostigmine have important applications and can be difficult to find. We offer solutions for many of these compounds.


As more APIs from this therapeutic group become generic or go off patent, we offers a broad range of products including 5-Fluorouracil, Bendamustine, Etoposide, Abiraterone, Imatinib and Oxaliplatin.

Reliable, fast and with full regulatory support, IMCD supports customers with generic APIs from procurement through to formulation of the finished dosage form.

We give our customers reliable access to materials that are either sensitive in the supply chain or may be rare in the market, managing the complex process of sourcing APIs and so helping to save time and money. Our suppliers also benefit from our proven expertise and worldwide network, as we grow their businesses by getting products to market faster. 
All of our principal partners meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements and we ensure full Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliance. We are also committed to full traceability and all APIs come with Common Technical Document Drug Master Files (CTD DMF) or COS, are pharmacopeial grades or meet agreed specifications.