Make Your Mark. Bring Your Specialty. 

IMCD is a company of entrepreneurs that look ahead and react quickly to seize opportunities. The specialty chemical distribution market is consolidating rapidly and IMCD is an important player.

We continue to expand into various international markets, via a combination of business acquisitions and strong organic growth.

Opportunity is always on the horizon and we’re looking for people who are equally as driven and optimistic, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion or background.

From sales and marketing and application technology, to finance and management, we have a wide range of professional career opportunities within our diverse business. 
An outstanding specialty chemical and ingredients connoisseur, IMCD delivers consultative and supply chain expertise worldwide.  

Our global network of technical and commercial experts co-create some of the world's top chemistries, raw materials and formulatory solutions right to the doorstep of brands you touch every day.  

From your morning smoothie, to the shampoo you use to get ready for your day… even the energy delivered via the tip of the charger for your phone, to the protective coating on your car… we are bringing our specialty to light.  

At IMCD we promise to deliver an experience that enables you to bring your specialty to light as well.   

Our specialties are enabling us to thrive worldwide. Bring your specialty. Join our team. 

IMCD Mission

We add sustainable value to the supply chain of speciality chemicals and ingredients. Every day our people focus on providing the best service through commercial and operational excellence. Our people, our solutions, our partners.
“What I love most about working for IMCD is the entrepreneurial spirit that our young and growing company has. Other companies may tout this buzz word around, but IMCD truly lives it. We're a true sales organization at heart with organic growth in mind. This translates into a fervor amongst peers and superiors to be creative, collaborative, ambitious, and yes, entrepreneurial! I experience a great feeling of accomplishment and reward to look at the growth in our organization and can say, ‘I played a real part in that.’ ” 

David McClelland, Technical Account Manager 

Bring your specialty. Join our team.