IMCD answers the call to invest in our planet


Employees contributed nearly 1,200 volunteer hours as part of an Earth Day initiative

Non-biodegradable waste is filling our oceans and land with devastating effects on natural habitats throughout the globe. Addressing this cost an estimated $11.5 billion a year to clean up litter worldwide.¹

To reduce the impact of littered waste on the environment, IMCD employees throughout the Americas region organized local events, answering the call to invest in our planet for Earth Day 2022. 


Motivated by the opportunity to care for the environment, employees volunteered their time with colleagues and their families, contributing nearly 1,200 volunteer hours to impact their local communities.

“Our teams set out to coordinate local actions as an act of stewardship towards our environment. I am proud of what our united team accomplished through their collective effort to care for our communities and our planet.” - Marcus Jordan, Americas President, IMCD

IMCD employees throughout the Americas region coordinated various events such as beach and harbor cleanups, park cleanups, tree planting including fruit trees for an orphanage, beautifying a community garden for the elderly, plus caring for abandoned animals.

“The satisfaction of doing work with social and environmental impact has no comparison,” said Carolina Soto, Commercial Technical Advisor, IMCD Mexico. “When you realize the impact that your personal actions can contribute, you learn to value and take care of the environment to build a better future.”
Highlights from IMCD’s Earth Day initiatives include the: 

  • Coordination of 13 volunteer activities for employees in Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru and the United States
  • Contribution of 1,200 volunteer hours to give back to local communities
  • Collection of more than 3,400 lbs of trash from the ocean, shorelines, parks and local communities
  • Planting of 127 trees, plus other vegetation to rejuvenate the environment
  • Creation of 40 bird feeders built by IMCD employees’ children

Environmental education also was provided to employees to help volunteers understand how individual actions are impactful and can lead to ecological consequences, or rewards. 

Earth is our common home, and each individual can make a difference in taking better care of it. 

Join IMCD employees on Earth Day to pause and reflect on how we can take part in caring for our planet, not just today, but every day. Scroll below for helpful tips to make every day Earth Day.

¹ iBan Plastic