IMCD celebrates 10 years of delivering formulatory solutions in the Americas region

Employees unite in celebration through a 10K Challenge

IMCD has a diverse culture—it is comprised of men and women from all walks of life across more than 60 countries around the world. While the company has been a specialty distributor, formulator and solutions provider of speciality chemicals and ingredients for nearly 30 years, it was not too long ago that IMCD began doing business in the Americas region.  

In 2013, IMCD made its first Americas acquisition in Brazil. This not only marked an important debut for IMCD’s presence in one of the largest consumer markets in the world, but it also sparked the beginning of many exciting new opportunities for IMCD throughout the Americas region.  

IMCD celebrated this milestone across the Americas region, reflecting on the 10 years that brought us to our present-day growth:  
  • IMCD has a presence in 14 countries throughout the Americas region – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States and Uruguay

  • We are a gateway for 20 other countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, where access to speciality chemicals and ingredients is challenging.

  • 21 acquisitions were completed in the region since 2013, to complement the company’s organic growth.

  • In 2022, IMCD realized €1,592 million in revenue in the Americas

  • There are 1,675 IMCD employees in the Americas (inclusive of recent acquisitions) that support customers and principal partners in:

  • 1 regional headquarter

  • 20 offices 

  • 38 warehouse locations 

  • 19 laboratories 

“It has been an incredible experience to be part of IMCD’s rapid growth in the Americas region,” said Nicolas Kaufmann, Americas President, IMCD. “I am humbled by the sheer dedication of our team – our people, our culture and our values – all transforming entrepreneurial passions into a world of opportunity for all; and we are just getting started!”

From as far north as Canada to the southernmost country of Chile, IMCD employees celebrated the 10-year anniversary milestone with local celebrations. In addition, 670 employees across the region registered to walk/run/hike 10 kilometers between October 1-10, 2023 to participate in the IMCD Americas 10th Anniversary 10K Challenge.  

The virtual 10K Challenge was hosted on a fitness app and was supplemented with local in-person activities developed to encourage employee wellness through friendly competition and to cultivate engagement across the region. 

“This was a great way to connect with colleagues and gave me motivation to keep up walking even after this challenge is over. It was also fun to see what other folks are doing in other parts of IMCD!” said Kacie Wells, Customer Service Trainer, IMCD US.  

IMCD employees participated in fitness activities in their respective communities, including near iconic landmarks throughout the Americas region.
Uniting the Americas region was an important goal as IMCD continues its growth momentum. Celebrating our 10-year anniversary through the 10K Challenge developed into “a great initiative to connect with people from so many countries. And as always, competition can reveal our best competitive spirit in a positive way!” concluded Vanessa Parra, Pharmaceuticals Business Unit Manager, IMCD Colombia. 

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” ~Mattie Stepanek  

As part of IMCD’s 10th anniversary in the Americas, local teams also gave back to local communities. Details on these CSR activities will be featured on local websites and country page as part of IMCD Americas’ anniversary celebration.  

IMCD Mexico volunteered 720 hours and donated 6,562 kilos of food to support animal shelters across the region

IMCD US raised nearly USD 6,300 to donate 1,046 backpacks filled with food for kids in need

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IMCD Canada raised CAD 2,500 to support cancer research via the Terry Fox Run

IMCD’s history in the Americas region


Makeni Chemicals was acquired in Brazil, offering a diverse portfolio for construction, coatings, personal care, nutrition, adhesives and plastics. Makeni was comprised of more than 100 employees.


MF Cachat was acquired in the U.S. and distributed speciality chemicals to the coatings, construction, plastics and advanced materials markets in the central, midwest, eastern and southern regions of the country.

Selectchemie was acquired in Brazil as a major distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.


Mutchler was acquired to expand into the pharmaceutical market in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


Bossco Industries was acquired to build its U.S. presence in the Southwest.

L.V. Lomas was acquired, which marked IMCD’s entry into Canada for specialty chemicals in industrial markets, food and pharmaceutical ingredients. It also had U.S. operations, which served the food and personal care markets.  


HORN was acquired in the U.S., which distributed speciality materials to coatings, construction, plastics, personal care, food and nutraceuticals markets, and primarily served the west and southwest regions of the U.S.


Unired was acquired to offer a portfolio of pharmaceutical excipients to Colombia.

Swiss-based DCS Pharma was acquired, which included its Mexican operations. It offered a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.


VitaQualy was acquired in Brazil to develop IMCD’s flavors and ingredients portfolio for the food and nutrition markets.

Millikan and Banner Quimica were acquired to further expand IMCD’s life sciences business in Mexico, including food, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, personal care, plus HI&I.


Siliconas y Quimicos was acquired in Colombia to expand IMCD’s business into the personal care, coatings, silicones and other speciality industrial markets.

Andes Chemical was acquired, which developed IMCD’s presence in the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia and Peru. Andes offered specialty chemicals to the coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers (CASE), construction, cosmetics, personal care, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and HI&I industries.

Maquimex was acquired to expand IMCD’s Mexican business to industrial markets including HI&I, energy and water treatment.   


Quelaris was acquired to enhance IMCD’s LATAM presence in the polyurethane, coatings, adhesives, rubber and other industrial markets throughout Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.

Polyorganic was acquired in Brazil to further develop its HI&I business, plus water treatment and other industrial markets.

PromaPlast was acquired to expand the Mexico business into the plastics and rubber industries.


Allianz was acquired in Colombia to provide active pharmaceutical ingredients to its customer base.

Sachs Chemical was acquired to further strengthen is pharmaceutical business in Puerto Rico, while supporting medical devices with the distribution of specialty advanced materials in Costa Rica.

MAPRIN was acquired in Chile to expand IMCD’s portfolio and develop its beauty and personal care business.