IMCD US supports the Cleveland homeless population through its Socks for a Cause campaign

Did you know that one of the most sought-after items at homeless shelters are socks?
Many who are part of the homeless population walk miles per day, making a pair of socks an important part of their daily survival. Earlier this year, IMCD US debuted its Socks for a Cause initiative—for every custom pair of IMCD socks gifted to our industry partners, a pair was donated to someone in need.
Supporting the Cleveland Community
For more than 110 years, The City Mission has provided “help and hope to Cleveland’s hurting and homeless.” IMCD US is headquartered in the Greater Cleveland area. As part of the Socks for a Cause initiative, IMCD US selected The City Mission as the recipient of the initiative. Nearly 250 pairs of socks were donated to The City Mission, which provides donated items to the needy community of Cleveland.
To further expand the resources available to those in need in the Cleveland area, IMCD US hosted a holiday drive at its headquarters. In addition to the 250 pairs of IMCD US Socks for a Cause donation to The City Mission, employees filled two cars full of donated items including shoes, winter hats, clothing, undergarments, reading glasses, toiletries, diapers and many children’s toys.

“Delivering IMCD’s donation to benefit the needy in Cleveland was an emotional experience for me,” said Hannah McCloskey, Cleveland native and office assistant at IMCD US. “It made me realize the impact we can make as a community by simply caring and sharing resources to those in need. Many people are experiencing hardships, especially during the holidays. But if we work together, we really can make a massive difference.”

Annual Holiday Fundraiser Results

Additionally, IMCD US hosted its annual holiday fundraiser for all employees to participate from coast-to-coast. The employee-led national fundraiser for Marine Toys for Tots Foundation exceeded its goal by 171%! The company matched the goal with a corporate donation and as a result, nearly 520 toys and books will be distributed to less fortunate children in the U.S. this holiday season via Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.


Once again, the employees’ collaborative efforts resulted in a National Corporate Donor recognition for IMCD.

“It has been great to see the generosity of our employees and to continue the wonderful tradition of hosting a national fundraiser for the holidays and our Socks for a Cause initiative, to spread happiness into our communities across the U.S.,” said Jean-Paul Scheepens, president at IMCD US.

Click on the following links to learn more about The City Mission and Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and their roles in serving the community.