Acclaim® - Description

Acclaim® polyols are high-performance, low-monol polyethers prepared with Covestro’s proprietary IMPACT technology. The terminal end-groups are predominantly secondary hydroxyls and have a relatively low reactivity. Acclaim® polyols can be reacted with Desmodur® crosslinkers for the formulation of solventborne elastic two-component PU coatings and adhesives with high strength and resistance.


More information about Acclaim®

The properties of polyurethanes formulated with Acclaim® polyether polyols may be maximized by adjusting the cross-linking level or changing the hard-segment content. Acclaim® polyether polyols can provide:

• Extremely low monol levels

• Low unsaturation

• Low water content

• BHT free

• Low basicity and acidity


Acclaim® polyether polyols are acidified with a low level of phosphoric acid, making them suitable for use in isocyanate-terminated prepolymers.


® = registered tradenamrk of COVESTRO AG, Leverkusen

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