ADDCO 370-P - Description

ADDCO 370-P is a multifunctional phosphate ester that works as an extreme pressure additive and as an effective emulsifier. When used in water-based metalworking fluids, it provides a boost in emulsification power while providing the anti-wear and extreme pressure performance expected from a phosphate ester.

ADDCO 370-P is particularly useful for emulsifying and compatibilizing water insoluble polyalkylene glycols into synthetic metalworking fluids. This tactic can provide increased lubricity in synthetic fluids without the use of mineral oil, sulfur, or chlorine. ADDCO 370-P is sold in the acid form, and should be neutralized with excess alkalinity when used in a metalworking fluid. This can be done using typical amines or alkali salts as is traditionally done. ADDCO 370-P has a moderately low phosphorus content at 2.1%. ADDCO 360-P is an alternative product with over 9% phosphorus and is a more effective EP additive for making straight oil products. ADDCO 410-P is purely water soluble option and has a higher phosphorus content of 5.3%.


More information about ADDCO 370-P

  • Compatible with polyalkylene glycol basestocks and EO/PO polymers
  • Effective on aluminum
  • Mineral oil, sulfur and chlorine free
  • Multifunctional - EP and emulsification properties
  • Synergistic with sulfur compounds
  • Works synergistically with SYN-ESTER products to impart additional lubricity

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