ADDCO 410-P - Description

ADDCO 410-P is a water soluble extreme pressure designed for use in synthetic metalworking fluids and other water-based lubricants. This product imparts both the friction modifier performance typical of esters and the extreme pressure lubrication provided by phosphorus. The extreme pressure performance also activates sooner at lower temperatures compared to sulfur. ADDCO 410-P is an acid, and a metalworking fluid formulation should contain excess base to provide an alkaline product. ADDCO™ 410-P has a moderately high phosphorus content at 5.2%. ADDCO 410-P does not contain any nonyl phenol chemistry like some other water-soluble phosphate esters. Also, ADDCO 410-P does not contain any mineral oil, sulfur or chlorine.


More information about ADDCO 410-P

  • Economical source of phosphorous
  • Effective on aluminum
  • Mineral oil, sulfur and chlorine free
  • Water soluble

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