ADDCO CP-9 - Description

ADDCO CP-9 is a water soluble amine carboxylate corrosion inhibitor designed for cast iron and steel alloys. It is a ready to use liquid product based on organic acids neutralized with alkanolamines.

ADDCO CP-9 does not have much reserve alkalinity, and performs best when mixed with other sources of alkalinity that can raise the pH to 8.0-10.0. ADDCO CP-9 is compatible with most other chemistries used in water-based lubricants, and can often be used at higher treat rates relative to some other carboxylate chemistries which show instability in concentrates. Suggested treatment level for the final diluted fluid is 0.3-0.5% (or 3-20% in a concentrate) depending on the end use product application and pH of the fluid.

ADDCO CP-9 is particularly useful where temporary rust protection is needed. When water is allowed to evaporate, a thin liquid film remains that provides rust protection to ferrous surfaces, even under high humidity conditions. This film can easily be removed by rinsing with water. It also burns off cleanly in annealing or other high temperature processing operations.


More information about ADDCO CP-9

  • Excellent corrosion inhibition
  • Inhibits ferrous corrosion as measured by IP-125, IP-287 and the Filter Paper Chip Rust Test
  • Provides very low foaming tendencies

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